Cycling Club


Join the Club!

Membership in the Extra Mile Racing Cycling Club is just $25. With your membership, you will receive an Extra Mile Racing t-shirt and some headgear.

As members of Extra Mile Racing you will receive exclusive coupon codes for entries to our cycling races and events. This coupon code will be just for you and will give you 33% OFF discounts to every one of our events. If you register for just two of our century rides, you’ll more than pay for your club membership in savings.

This discount code will be valid for USAC sanctioned races, gran fondos, century rides and anything else bike related that we organize. Additionally, your club membership comes with an Extra Mile Racing t-shirt and some headgear. Wear it with pride!

Extra Mile Racing Cycling Club kits are available for purchase as well, but are not required to join the club and receive the discount codes.

Buy a complete kit and we’ll send you a 100% off registration code to use at one of our events.

At the end of the season, probably in early October, we’ll have a special Extra Mile Fondo. This will be a low-key, fully supported metric century ride and as club member you’ll ride for free.

But wait, there’s still more!

Wear your Extra Mile Racing gear during other events or even on training rides and you might get more free event entries. We’ll be at a variety of events ourselves and if we spot you and can catch you, we’ll try to give you a gift card valid for one free event registration.

Extra Mile Racing Cycling Club membership is not required to purchase cycling gear, and members of the Extra Mile Racing Cycling Club are not required to purchase gear.